Caring for Gold Jewellery

Gold is a relatively low maintenance metal but it does require some care and maintenance to enhance its longevity. Gold can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint free cloth. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach as these can damage the metal. Perfume, hairspray or lotion can also take away the shine of your gold jewellery, so it is best to apply these before putting on your gold jewellery for longer lasting shine. The higher the carat, the softer the gold. Unless bespoke, all of i+i’s solid gold jewellery come in 14K, making it the ideal durability for everyday wear while still maintaining its value being a solid gold piece.


Caring for Gold Vermeil Jewellery

i+i makes some selected earrings in gold vermeil. The jewellery is made in silver and then plated in 22K gold. To ensure the longevity of the plating, we use at least 3-micron gold plating technique so with proper care, the jewellery should last you years. However, any jewellery that is not made in solid gold will likely tarnish over time. Therefore, care should be taken when wearing gold vermeil jewellery, such as avoiding harsh chemicals and direct contact with perfume and lotion. Moisture and heat is another factor that could cause tarnish, therefore storing gold vermeil jewellery in cool, dry places is advised. Despite higher maintenance, gold vermeil jewellery come at a more affordable price point than solid gold jewellery, making them a great choice for fashion jewellery.

Gold Vermeil JEWELLERY

Caring for Gemstones

Though varying in colours and durability, the general rule of thumbs for gemstones are similar to caring for gold, such as to avoid harsh chemicals and keep them clean (free from oil and other residues from everyday wear). The stones can be easily cleaned by warm soapy water. Certain gemstones such as emerald can be easily damaged by heat and are not as hardy as diamonds, therefore, special care must be taken when handling them, especially for bespoke pieces, where the gemstones tend to be larger. If you would like to understand further specific instructions on how to care for your special piece of jewellery, please get in touch.