Save the Orca Fin Ring


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An Orca Fin ring, bent over to symbolise their plight in captivity. Black spinels and white topaz are set along the two sides, representing the beautiful colours of the Orcas. 'Save the Orcas x' is engraved along the inside. This ring can be resized slightly on the finger.

Aside from making jewellery, i+i is committed to helping charitable causes. The Orca Fin ring has been designed to promote awareness of orcas kept in captivity. These incredibly intelligent creatures should not be held in such barbaric conditions, so 15% will be donated to the organisation Free Morgan, a charity which is solely focused on rescuing one orca named Morgan. The donations will go towards her legal fees and hopefully a successful case that results in Morgan being freed will set a precedent for the release of other orcas in captivity. An additional 10% will continue to be donated to i+i's affiliated charity - Set Beautiful Free.

1 fits J-K, 2 fits L-M, 3 fits M-N, 4 fits O-P

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