Tatler Summer Garden Party for the Akanksha Foundation September 30 2013

Do you feel at home haggling for a bargain in a colourful, sheesha-infused Moroccan market? Then you probably would have gone all giddy at Sophie Paget Steavenson's summer garden party. The designer was hosting a charity sale for the Akanksha Foundation and her brand, Beach Candy, teamed up with other equally awesome traders - including Tobias, Lilah and I & I - for a mini bazaar in Daisy Hambro's Chelsea garden. There were cocktails, tea and a barbecue (the boys took control). Between purchases - and there were many - Victoria von Westenholz talked excitedly of her holiday plans, Daisy Fellowes looked winsome and Ben Churchill did his best to look interested in the very many dresses and jewellery.

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